Autism and Your Parish, Pt 3: Meltdowns

It’s Saturday re-release day!

I’m popping up on your feed an extra time this week because part of Autism Awareness is understanding meltdowns (or flare-ups, as a very wise reader recommended I call them…I am seriously considering changing my language, but calling it “meltdowns” today for the sake of clarity and continuity).

I once read about a lawsuit in which an elderly woman was suing a young man with autism because he had a meltdown in a library, and his flailing happened to catch her and injure her. This is why this kind of awareness is necessary–it’s the result of a disability. We wouldn’t sue anyone for having an epileptic seizure in a public place, even if they did knock someone over on their way down.

So, I hope you’ll have a look at this third and final installment of the series. It’s about 8 minutes and is something that any autism parent will have heavy on his/her heart.


A blessed Saturday to you all! ❤


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  1. janegmeyer says:

    These videos are so helpful, Maura! Thank you

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