Autism in Your Parish, Part Two: The Function of Autistic Behaviors

So, today is the second Saturday of Autism Awareness Month, and here’s what I’m thinking about today.

A huge part of autism awareness is the realization that what you thought was bad manners or an irritatingly uncomfortable lack of social skills…isn’t. It’s autism. That person’s brain formed differently and causes them to act in a way that might repel you, but it has context.

That’s why this video in the series is an important one–especially as this movement of “autism acceptance” (as a correction of the UN’s World Autism Awareness Day/Month) gains some ground. Awareness is not the same as acceptance, of course. And yes, ultimately, what we want is acceptance. But understanding what autism is and the context of their behavior is *awareness* and that part is absolutely crucial before we can begin to expect any sort of acceptance from society.

So I encourage you to watch this 6-minute video and share it with your parish. It’s half as long as my first one, and my nine-year-old has a cameo, so it’s my funnest and silliest one of the three.


Have a great Saturday! 🙂



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