What every autism parent needs to know for a strong 2016 (The 5 Things I’d tell myself on NY 2015)


number three

Thanks for dropping by again today!

We’re at #3 in our countdown to a special birthday celebration for The Least of These, where I’m counting down the five things every autism parent needs to know—things I would totally go back to NYD 2015 and tell myself.

We’ve covered #5: Get thyself to a counselor, and #4: You are not alone. Today, we talk about:

#3: Love is imperfect

Unless it’s Christ we’re talking about here (and many times I am…just not this time), the love we can expect to receive and the love we give is never perfect.

But, Past Maura, I’ll tell you what. It’s what you’ve got. And it ain’t bad.

When your family feels like a circus in the middle of a Victorian tea party, you might feel irritated when others try to support you but say the wrong thing, or guess your child’s needs wrong.


Hear their intention, because their intention is deep and true and sometimes even desperate to help your hurt.

I read a lot (like a lot) of angry pieces by special needs parents. And actually, I get it. I used to write them. The amount of injustice and cruelty in the world nauseates me and I have a hard time staying sane when I consider what his world will be like when he’s a teenager. But.

Cutting people out, ranting angrily at anyone who will listen, and telling people off because they should know better does nothing to promote understanding. And understanding is the thing you need to be after, Past Maura. Not winning. Not looking like the smartest, most progressively-minded person in the room.

All that accomplishes is a slap to the face of someone who’s trying to love you and your child.

Discussion and understanding may come someday. Until then, take a deep breath and allow yourself and your kiddo to be loved imperfectly. Love is imperfect–all of it coming in, and all of it going out, too.


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  1. I love this post and agree so much with the angry rants not helping promote understanding at all.

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    1. mauraoprisko says:

      Thanks, Alexandra! We deal with a lot of anger, I think, and it is hard to know how to process it. But I’ve noticed that it’s so much more effective to be gentle, especially when you see that it comes from a loving place. I saw your blog and noticed that you’re parenting some spectrum kiddos also. Fist bump, sister. Glad to see you’re fighting the good fight. 🙂


      1. Thank you!! Right back at ya! Yep got two little ones with special needs and I will be the first to admit that I also had the ugly angry rants when I first started on my journey. I no longer allow that anger to take over and it has made a big difference in how I parent my kiddos 🙂

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      2. Thank you!! Right back at ya!! It is hard but so well worth it when you begin to set that anger aside and change your approach to parenting. Makes a world of a difference!!

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