In the Quiet Room: How William taught me to be present

He smiled and put his forehead on my forehead, his nose on my nose. And he chuckled in spite of himself, because he thought that was a pretty funny thing to do. I laughed out loud, because it was.


Maura’s interview on Ancient Faith Radio

Come on over and have a listen to my interview on Ancient Faith Radio!

Quick Guide: Field Tripping it with an Autistic Parishioner

School’s out, baby! And with the thought of summer, I don’t know about you, but I get to thinking about excursions. Fun summer outings with the church and with groups of friends…it makes summer awesome. But if you happen to have an autistic person with you when your church school group or youth group goes out to…

How to rock a playdate with an autistic friend

When you’re raising neurotypical children, there’s a little room for winging it. And while that’s somewhat true for raising an autistic child…nope, not true. Planned is always better. So here are some suggestions on how to plan out a playdate with an autistic friend.

5 Secrets for Unlocking an autistic student in Sunday School

I’ve seen this topic covered in a few places (here’s a post by one of my favorite podcasters and bloggers, Elissa Bjeletich, that does a very good job of it), but I’ve been asked a bunch of times to cover it as well, and of course, I’m happy to do it! 🙂 So here we are: from an…