Thankful Thursday: Patience and bravery

TT Patience and bravery

Today, I am thankful for this bit from Elder Ephraim.

“Yes (show patience and bravery), and you will see how much strength and joy you will receive in the struggle. For sometimes impatience, despair, and pessimism deprive a person of God’s grace, and then he wrongly attributes it to the burdens he is bearing. But courage, self-sacrifice, bravery, and faith in God bring the grace of God. I pray that God will invigorate your spiritual nerves to fight with renewed strength.” Elder Ephraim, Counsels from the Holy Mountain

Sometimes we need a cheerleader, you know? I get up some mornings and think there is no way I am going to make it through today. And surely, someday, I will no longer have the little strength I have now to get out of bed. What then?

I am so thankful for this quote from Elder Ephraim because it cheers me on. It tells me, your very struggle forces these attributes out in you, and God’s grace will be there. Fight bravely, and God will invigorate you. He will give you grace.

Glory to God.


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